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The U Minh Ha forest in Ca Mau Province was reopened to public on April 1st after 3 month closure for forest-fire prevention during dry season, Deputy Director of the U Minh Ha National Park, Nguyen Van Dau said.

Presently, the risk of wildfire is eliminated thanks to continuous rains during the last months.

In addition to welcoming visitors, Ca Mau Province also disbanded firefighting teams including more than 500 volunteers participating in protection of the forest. Fire-fighting facilities such as water pumps, pipes, communications and transportations are maintained in the warehouse.

Visiting U Minh Ha primeval forest, tourists not only have a chance to admire charming wild scenery with old trees but also to enjoy local delicious foods.

The U Minh Ha indigo forest has total area of over 70,000 ha; of which 38,000 ha are covered with forest trees. Due to special conditions, the forest always has to face severe drought and a risk of forest fires during the dry season and flood in the raining season. Therefore, the provincial authorities have also asked relevant departments to enhance local people and dangers’ awareness in order to strengthen forest patrols in fighting forest fires.
Translated by Thanh Pham (TITC) Ho Chi Minh City hotels

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